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Q. Is there anything we can do about the flakey or rust problem on my diesel fuel tank?

A. We have solutions gas tank relining. We also have high quality plastic tank replacements.






Q. Can you clean the oil from my charged air cooler?

A. Yes, we have a flush machine to achieve the cleaning.






Q. Is the work done on the premise.

A. Yes, all the work is done at our location.







Q. Do you repair or weld aluminum?

A. Yes, we aluminum weld and also have a low temperature rod process.






Q. Can you increase the cooling capacity in my radiator?

A. Quite often we can increase the tube and fin count on a new core.






Q. Are there any part made in the USA?

A. Unfortunately, less and less but there are some and we support them.

      Also most of the cores we carry are made in the USA.






Q. Do you re-core old heaters?

A. Yes, cores are available and we do them all the time.






Q. Do you stock truck radiators?

A. We have a large inventory and are direct with some of the largest manufacturers.






Q. Do you pick up and deliver?

A. Yes, we have trucks and we offer this service to the trade.






Q. I broke the studs taking out the sending unit on my gas tank. Do I need to buy a new tank?

A. Quite often we can braise in new studs. We see this a lot.






Q. Do you have a sales representative that can stop by my shop?

A. Yes we do. They will be more than happy to tell you about our services.







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