About Us

ACME Radiator, Inc. is MAC and NARSA Certified and has been family owned and operated since 1950. We offer professional radiator and auto repair services. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for dependable, quality service and our clients trust us for our honest, superior service.


ACME Radiator boasts an excellent reputation for quickly locating any type of new radiator, condenser, charged air cooler, coolant fan, fuel tank or heater core. We’re Long Island’s #1 Industrial Radiator Distributor with more than 65 years of experience repairing radiators, tanks and cores - saving you time and money.

Our experienced and professional staff are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction on every project.

From industrial machinery and farm equipment, to passenger vehicles, ACME Radiator has you covered. Contact our office today to have us locate a part, request an estimate or make a service appointment.

Radiator Installation, Repair & Rebuild:

- Recoring

- Cleaning

- Custom Fabrication

- Restoration

- New and Used Radiators

- Gas Tanks and Heaters Repaired

- A/C Parts Cleaned & Repaired


Specializing in Radiator Repairs for:

- Commercial

- Passenger

- Fleets

- Big Rigs

- 18-Wheeler Trucks

- Industrial

- Agricultural

- Farm Equipment



49 Carleton Ave

Islip Terrace

New York 11752


ACME Radiator

49 Carleton Ave

Islip Terrace

New York 11752


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